Have a look at these resources. They are a list of offers by my favourite peeps. Some of them are affiliate links which means I get a bit of “thank-you juju” for introducing you. Some of them are here just because I like them and I know you will too! 😉

Stretch Your Mind

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Training with Ali Campbell. I did this course last year and I would highly recommend it. Chris and I made some huge breakthroughs during the training and I’ve been inspired to create instead of consuming all the time.
  • Sam Weller Associates Hypnotracks. I have been using these hypnotracks since 2011 to help me lose weight and keep it off, to increase my confidence and a whole lot more besides. The best thing for me is that Sam personally answers your emails.

Stretch Your Body

  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics. I first started selling Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics when I opened my gorgeous studio in High Street, Lurgan, and wanted to offer a new range of high-quality organic skincare ingredients to my clients. Even though I now have a Neal’s Yard shop on my doorstep in Glasgow I love the convenience of shopping online and getting everything delivered right to my door.
  • Sweaty Betty. I love, love LOVE these clothes and wear them for Yoga, Pilates and general lounging about. They are expensive but that’s because they are a luxury brand and if they make you feel good while you work out then they’re worth every penny.
  • Learn Hooping with Sarah. I thought it would be cool to add another element to my Stretch & Play Yoga & Drama with kids and I can’t believe the amount of guidance, inspiration and support I get from this online training. You can also train with her in person in the States this April so check that out and say I sent you!  Get $50 off with the code STRETCH. 

Stretch Your Biz

  • Ask Loralee. Loralee is one of my favourite business mentors (and she lives very close to where I used to in Vancouver). She has helped me with social media, websites, creating and marketing group programmes and lots more besides so hop onto her website and ask away!
  • The Art of Becoming a Coach. I did this course last year because I was inspired by founder Hillary Rubin’s career transition from Yoga Teacher to Spiritual Life & Career Coach. If you have been thinking of making the leap into coaching, either individually or group, this online training is robust enough to help you
  • Coaching Business Jumpstart. I just signed up for this programme at the end of 2013 after completing TAOBC with Hillary Rubin as I thought they had great ideas about how to get your coaching business off the ground.
  • Braid Consulting Courses. I love the aesthetic of this site and the coolness of these sisters. They run three specific courses on “Personal Branding”, “Dream Customer Catching” and “Shaping up your Content”. I think you’ll love their clever courses as much as I did and I am happy to offer a discount code with you: BRAIDECOURSE50 so you can take their ECourses for just $50.

Stretch Your Life

  • Leonie Dawson’s Life & Biz Academy. I love Leonie’s no-nonsense Aussie wisdom and her academy is an extension of this. I pay an annual fee and have access to ALL of her courses, meditations,
  • Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map. Danielle is an amazing online business presence and poet and this multimedia treat will change the way you view life FOREVER!